Who I Am

solitudeI am also an adventurer, seeking to discover and understand the world I belong to–to climb mountains, dance on the clouds, to read the entire book of this world, and so much more that I cannot even fathom. I wander, but I am not lost. I am lost in the wilderness, but discovering myself. I escape to be found. Adventure is my calling, for in going out, I find. I am a survivor of this world which I am lost, but found in.
I am a servant, called to love.  To live by serving.


Who am I? I am a body, a mind, a spirit, and a soul. I am a being in constant pursuit of truth and meaning. I am an ever-conflicted collection of all things good and bad: love and hate, truth and lies, joy and sadness. I am a series of thoughts; I am the effect of a cause. I am an explorer bound by time, space, and my general finiteness. I am not so very different from you.

This is who I am.

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